Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm back

First and foremost! Im sooooooooooo sorry for the lack of updates! been busy with my college registration,yada yada yada and been hooked with soo many assignments! countless exams..yeah and all that shit! THOUSAND APOLOGIES to all who emailed me asking to be reviewed! (THANKS BTW! APPRECIATE IT!) Now here goes my so called come back! :D

Do take note:- I may note review all of you who emailed me,but however I will link you up! reason being,well because apperantly those were old no new updates yet =___=" eheheh

and so Ive heard that everybody's crazy over studs nowadays! *yeay to that!*
Because I LO-O-O-Ove studs!

Shoppink QueenHow awesome is this combination? Kimonos with studs?? *screams* taught you'll never see that around huh? :)

The chocolate ButtonsThis studs crave is making me crazzyyy!!!!
Damage:-Each belt is in diff prices,go check em out babes! ;D

More studs belts,but this time in sexy skinny!! woot woot!

Just had to review the skull bag too! me love! Haven't seen that in any other blogshops,dont ya agree with me? ;)

Uber Love

More studs goodies! :)

To be continued!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of december

Hey people! Happy new year,hope you'll have a great year ahead of you! I know I wont.hehe...
By the here's my review for the new years! and after that I'll hoping away to an island far far away :P so wont be updating for a while.

You gotta love this shoe! The details on it is superb,looks so classy and elegant but yet there's still a hint of rock and roll to it! ;p
Damage-RM200.00 (woah)
Spotted-Peaches & Pixies

You dont have to be the Queen bee to own this skirt yeah? ;p
Preppy is totally in this season thanks to our Miss Blair Waldorf

I dont know bout you,but I kinda like this dress! :D hehe very cute!
Spotted-Dandelion's Kisses

damn,so sorry but currently at the airport and seriously gtg now!
i'll continue on updating later~~

Monday, December 29, 2008

December 08' part 3

I am going crazy over all of this handmade d.i.y stuffs! just absolutely adorable!If you're the type who like to own something that's totally custom made and you're the only one in the world who has it! then you should totally check out these blogs babe! ;)

Who loves nightmare before christmas? *raise hands* oh me me me!! hehe ;p
and take a look at this! Jack skellington! my lover! ;p
Spotted-Lovely Stiches

Damn,I love this piece here! The cherrys are too adorable and they have lotsa handmade pouches that you can choose from! and the pricing aint that bad too! ;)
Spotted-ADR's collection and gift

One of my favourite D.I.Y blogs! You HAVE TO PAY a visit! All of the bags are handmade and I personally think each bag is irresistible!
Spotted-Terribell Horribell

Hmmm everything's sooo weird! ME LIKE! hahah if you're a weirdo like me too you would love it as much as I do! hahah
Spotted-Makhluk Gorgon

That's is for today,very sleepy..hahah see ya again!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

December 08' part 2

Hey ho peeps,ignore the fact on how moody and miserable my blog looks! haha it's just me,I'm not an emo girl just into black ;p No emo post here,just happy2 chirpy2 ol' me! :D
Btw just got back from a wedding.*yawn* haha ok,no more's my update for today! and thanks to all who mailed asking me to review you guys! such an honour! so happy makes me wanna cry. ;p

Ok,so far I've reviewed 2 belts and both are kinda the same with studs on it! (ahh I'm crazy over studs!) and now I'm reviewing something less "stud-ier" but more oriental and "goth-like" (well to me atleast ;p ) waist clincher.Just love the black one OBVIOUSLY (like that isn't obvious) but but....look at the red one! perfect for chinese new year yeah?!
you can wear it with your cheongsam and still look traditional ;)
Damage-RM24.00 (CHEAP!)
Spotted-My Clothes Affair

OMG OMG OMG! cute cute cute! I want it! XD
sayang get me one! hahah (I aint a gold digger yow! ;p)
It's adorable yeah? love the birdy,love the ribbon and the cage! A girl can never have to many accessories and with a price this cheap,it's not an option anymore! haha
Spotted-Souled Sisters

Look at the fed! no not K-fed (lame!) haha look at the fedora! Love the monochrome!
sexay ay? makes me feel like shaking my bootay like Justin whenever I put on a fedora.Instead of the plain normal simple fedora why not go crazy with this one here? ;)
Damage-RM45.00 (Including postage)
Spotted-Do Not Bleach

I am going crazy over all of the dresses in Velvet ribbon! There's more than 1 dresses that Im interested in but for now I'll only show you 2 of my fav! O_O
first.....the colour! (crying *tears of joy) it's my favourite and pink! *crying.....haha and the second one! O_O it's soooo noiicceeee...there's one in black and pink too but I know you guys will get bored with me haha so Im showing this red and black one!wahh dont know suddenly reminds me of MCR (ignore me) look at the adorable bow on the waist! :'( but sadly my giant waist cant fit that dress!
1st Dress
2nd Dress
Spotted-Velvet Ribbon

Everybody's going crazy over ginghams nowadasy! Have you got yours already? :)
if you havent,get this adorable tube here from fashion flakes!
Spotted-Fashion Flakes

hah! You're totally ready for the black parade when you put this on!and dont forget the black eye-liner! ;p haha
Love it!

Friday, December 26, 2008

December 08'

I wanna scream when I first saw this piece! The weirdness of the top just makes me anxious to own the top.Just love love love the owl print on it.This is the only blog that I found that are selling em,so what are you waiting for? Grab it before it's too late girls.
Spotted- Fireflies

Another cute mod-inspire top I found here is totally rockin!
woo wee,you can never go wrong with stripes,infact stripes are always in! Plus who can resist the cute lil ribbons there? More reason to give them a visit is they're having a christmas sale ;)

Look at this adorable lil monster.Aint it a cutie?
Be it a necklace,key chain..anything you want! AND it's cheap too!
Damage-Both RM15
Spotted-Miut Miut

A lil less heavier than supperrolling but equally fabulous dont you think? Simple is more I guess? ;p and there's a lil feminine touch to it but still rock and roll baby! Any rock chic could pull a look with this belt!
Spotted-The Kittencake Shop

The picture says it all!
I want the one in black BADLY,but it's sold out!
but there's other colours that are still available ladies.
Spotted-SuperRolling To You